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Congratulations to have embraced your flawsomeness!!

Welcome to the world of Flawsome Working Mothers where you are allowed just to Embrace your flawsomeness than being embarrassed of your flaws.

Meet Farhana Iffath

Certified Life Coach for Flawsome Mothers, Author, and Counselor

Farhana Iffath is also a flawsome working mother just like you. She is a certified life coach who specializes in helping other working mothers overcome challenges and achieve their dream life juggling between the conflicting thoughts, emotions and reality.


Failed in many subjects during school days, bullied by friends and family, She is now an IT Professional, Life Coach, Author of the book 'Working Mother's - You are just W.o.W', Speaker, a Certified DMIT counselor, and a marriage counselor. 

She has embraced many flaws that others found in her time & time again, only to progress in her life both personally & professionally. She has also faced 2 major business failures due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, mounting debts, loss of property & selling of her 1st car which was bought for her daughter's birthday.

Facing all the odds, listening to all the flaws and frowns from others, yet not gone insane, trying to overcome the challenges, balancing work & life without any complaints from her family, pursing her dream career, she is in a mission to support & help women who are sailing in a similar boat like her.

If you resonate with her and want to become Unapologetically 'Flawsome', book a FREE Discovery Session with her and get started.


What Farhana Specializes In

Overcome Challenges and Achieve Success

Customized Coaching for Your Unique Needs

Break Through Fears and Limiting Beliefs

Gain Confidence and Skills

Achieve Growth in All Aspects of Life

Boho Home Decor

Take the first step towards achieving your dream life. Book a consultation with Farhana Iffath today.

“Farhana's coaching has been life-changing for me. She helped me overcome my fears and gain the confidence and skills I needed to achieve my goals.”

- Sarah K.

“Working with Farhana has been an incredible experience. She helped me establish healthy habits and achieve a more balanced life.”

- Emily D.

“Farhana's coaching has been invaluable in helping me navigate the challenges of being a working mother. I highly recommend her services.”

- Laura M.

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