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About Farhana Iffath


Failed in many subjects while in the primary school,
bullied by friends and cousins for not being able to
communicate properly in any language (English, Urdu or
Tamil), today I'm

  • A mother of 2 children

  • Founder of “FindYourHappiness” (Life Transformation Coaching, Parenting & Mindset Coaching)

  • Founder of “IPH – the PlaySchool, Ranipet”

  • Author of the book“Working Mothers, You are just W.O.W (Woman ofWonders)”

  • Soft Skills & Personality Development Trainer

  • an IT Professional

  • DMIT (Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test) Counsellor

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

  • Marriage Counsellor

When I was in my 10th Standard Class, 2 teachers changed
my life completely – the Math teacher and the English
teacher. Those 2 teachers were the true life
coaches for me who transformed my life completely.

That same academic year, I secured 90% in Math and
75% in English as I had the right coaches at the right
time of my life and I honestly followed their
guidance. I did B.Sc. Mathematics by chance and
10 years later, I did M.A in English Literature by
my choice.

I'm now on a journey to impact 1 million lives by
2025 . I will be transforming lives as the change agent, just like the 2 teachers who transformed my life, right from school students to the professionals.


If you are wondering how am I able to perform 5
different roles in 5 different industries all at the same time, connect with me at and ask me the secret.

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