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Everyone needs a Coach in life!!

We all know that all sports have a coach even though there is a captain in the team. That is because a coach directs, instructs and trains the whole team including the captain or the leader, to operate themselves to achieve their set targets, goals, success, results etc.

Likewise, our certified Life Coaches are eagerly waiting to coach you to achieve your own dreams, ambitions, goals, success, etc. Scroll down to know about our certified coaches who will help you Find Your Happiness!!


I'm Your Mindset Coach and Parenting Coach - Farhana Iffath


B.Sc.Mathematics, M.A. in English Literature, Arfeen Khan Certified Coach (AKCC).

  • Author - "Working Mothers, You are just WoW (Woman of Wonders)"

  • Founder - FindYourHappiness,

  • Founder - Iffath's PlayHouse (IPH, the PlaySchool) , 

  • Ex-IT Professional, ​

  • Certified Soft Skills Trainer(TAP Institute),

  • Certified Life Coach(AKCC), Certified Speaker

  • Proud BNI Member &

  • Member of RAKSHA - a social initiative by Dr.Saranya Jaikumar endorsed by Central Government Educational Flagship Programme "Samagra Siksha" of India.

As you just read through my qualifications and career, I have travelled through various paths of life and in every path I stumbled, shattered and re-designed my life ensuring I find my happiness and have helped lot of people around find their happiness with 11 years of experience in IT Industry, 3 years in Education Industry and my lifetime (so far) in the relationship industry (family, friends & colleagues).

And now I'm here to help you "Find Your Happiness"!

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I'm Your Growth Accelerator  - Inder Singh

Inder Singh, MBA, AKCC

Executive MBA in International Business Management, Arfeen Khan Certified Coach (AKCC).

Corporate Trainer and Communication Coach(ICBI-NABET), Certified Life Coach(AKCC)​.

I am a Certified Soft Skills Trainer from Image Consulting Business Institute(ICBI) accredited by National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET). I hold over 7000 hrs of experience as a Soft Skills Facilitator and Communication Trainer where I have trained and transformed 1000s of people.

"I want to transform the world better than I found it."

Check out my website:

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I'm Your Health Coach - Daniyah Irfan

Daniyah Irfan, B.Sc Nutrition, PGD-Dietetics and Applied Nutrition, AKCC

Arfeen Khan Certified Coach, Ceritifies Cupping Therapist, Nutripreneur.

I'm a Dietician by Profession and Passion.
The Health industry needs health coaches, to create awareness and help people develop a Mindset of Healthy Lifestyle, which is the need of the hour for the Young and the Adults alike.
I have gained experience through working in hospitals with clinical patients,  through Freelancing and am a proud Nutripreneur today.


One motto which I Practice and Preach:

"Be ready to do whatever it takes to be a warrior for your own health."

Checkout my website:

I'm Your Coach - Anshul Sinha

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