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Investing Quality Time with Your Child

Quite often, many parents regret for not being able to "Spend Time with their children"..

Do you know why?

Because Spending is a liability.. But Investing is an Asset!

It is as simple as that.

Every parent who think to spend time with their children will be in distress because psychologically, grammatically, literally and practically, the word "Spending" is not for any benefit..

Hence, if parents could recode their mindset from "thinking to spend time" with their kids to "PLANNING to INVEST time" with their kids will bring up a huge difference in your MINDFUL ways of Parenting!

You don't have to take hours together or days to invest your time with your child.

Parenting is not an event that we plan for a particular day and after the event, you go back to your routine - It is a teaching/training/coaching your child the ways of life, the morals of living and setting the standards of family & community culture, every single day!

Every parent has their unique way of parenting and investing their time with their children.

Children don't ask more time from you. If you spend minimum 30 minutes a day, it would seem, as if you have spent more than 3 hours with them. And you may choose to split the 30 mins to 3 times 10 minutes or 2 times 15 minutes or the full 1 time 30 minutes. It is totally up to you!!

Plus, do not fix 30 minutes. It is the minimum time I'm asking you to spend with your child. You may choose to spend more too - "The more The Merrier". The 30 minutes is for those who crib over "No Time" or "I'm too busy" or "I'm tired" or " I have lot of work" or "We live in a joint family" kind of parents.

Please mind it - The 30 minutes that you would spend with your child should be 100% committed and quality time, meaning, your mind, heart, soul, eyes, ears, nose, hands, fingers, legs, everything and everything should be towards your child.

You may ask, is it possible?

Yes, why not? and I would ask Have you ever tried? Do try it..

The easiest way is, when the child approaches you or when you Plan to focus and Invest your time with your child, start thinking/recollecting of how you were at his/her age? What were your feelings? What were your emotions? What did you expect from you parents at that age?

Start expressing and discussing your childhood with your child. Start with this sentence "You know what, when I was at your age....". Trust me, kids love to hear your childhood stories and how you grew up, how you were as a child, etc.. This is the best way to connect with your child emotionally too as "YOU ARE THEIR 1st INSPIRATION". But don't start giving gyan of comparing yourself with your child and do not tell him/her to be like you. They hate it and all the effort that you took will go for a waste.

Some children may ask for more of your time. If you can, very well, go ahead.

But if you have other duties to fulfil, commit your child that you will sit with him/her again after 2 hours/3 hours/evening or may be you can even fix a time slot. Come to an agreement (apply Partnering strategies) that he/she shouldn't trouble you until the fixed time. Most importantly keep up your promise - Don't break their trust!

Do write to me on how you Invest your Time with your Child to make it, the "Quality Time" for you as well as your child..

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