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Mindful Parenting with 5 simple steps

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

(For Parents of Children aged between 2 years and 10 years)

Before I talk about Mindful Parenting, let us first understand what is Mindfulness and what is Parenting?

Mindfulness is being aware, being conscious and being in the present moment.

Parenting is bringing up a child/children from infancy to adulthood by supporting their physical, emotional, social and intellectual development.

So, MINDFUL PARENTING is a combination of bringing up a child with full awareness about your own self as a parent, about being conscious about your child and being in the present moment of who you are and who your child is.

It may sound complicated but it is simple if you understand Mindfulness and Parenting separately and then put them together.

As parents, we usually tend to follow our parent's way of parenting to our children or being inspired by other parents or friends or neighbours. However we forget each human being is different!

According to me, we can follow 5 simple steps to start being a Mindful Parent:

The 1st step is to create a mindset with a simple mantra:

"I'm different and my child is different"

The 2nd step is to accept your child as he/she is now.

The 3rd step is to partnering with your child than parenting.

(I will write about "Partnering with Child" in another blog)

The 4th step is emotionally connect with your child using "Touch & Connect" therapy and frequent appreciation.

(I will write about "Touch & Connect" therapy in another blog)


The 5th step is to rephrase the sentence from dictating to giving choices (stating a direction).

Dictating Sentence: I want you to clean up the mess right now!

Directive Sentences could be:

  • There are a lot of blocks on the floor! Would you like to pick up the red ones or blue ones first? (or)

  • Can you help mommy/daddy pick the block please?/

  • Wow, you have done a wonderful job(Appreciate). Now, could you please put the blocks in the box back? Let’s see who does it fast (Then request).

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