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Same Teaching but Different Take-away by Kids of same parent..!!

Today, my elder daughter had her 1st Term Exam online. It was Math exam. She was excited, curious and a focused child who aimed to score 100%. She prepared herself well enough to convince herself and gave the best. The online exam was designed in a way that it gave the marks instantly as the students submitted the form.

She came running to me with an excitement(I thought so) and also with her eyes filled with tears ready to roll out any moment.. She said in a soft, low voice that she finished her exam and scored 24/25..

My little one who is 3 years younger to her jumped out of joy, hugged her sister and Congratulated her saying with so much excitement "Wowww, you scored 24/25 and only 1 mistake." And she turned to me and said proudly that her sister scored amazing marks with just 1 mistake..

My elder one with a confused state of mind looked at me and said, "Mom, sorry I made 1 mistake and couldn't score full marks".

It was absolutely Ok for me and my husband.. I have never insisted her to score full marks ever but have told it would be great if she can score good marks, but it's ok if she didn't. However we should learn from our mistakes to do better next time.. I keep saying that often..

This message, my little one told her elder sister, saying "It's Ok if you made 1 mistake today, it is just 1 mistake.. Not 2 or 3.. You can try next time"

I was so surprised to hear this from my 5 years old and felt overwhelmed. On the other hand, my elder one (9 yrs old) calmed down a bit and out of her guilt..

Sometimes we need to make mistakes to enjoy the success next time..

Same situation but different perception!!

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