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What is your "ME TIME"?

Many of us do this to ourselves. Especially the mothers. Even I used to be like that until I found the secret of how it is important to take out "Me" time everyday to keep myself energized, active and full of charge!

My "ME TIME" - Coaching :)

Yes, "The ME time" plays a very important role for everyone of us. The few moments that you take for yourself would give you all the energy and activeness that you need it for the whole day or the rest of the day..

ME Time could be:

1. Morning Prayer or Meditation, even if it is for 15 mins

2. Morning Walks or Jogs

3. Listening to your favourite songs, podcasts, motivational audios or videos, TedTalks, etc (even while cooking)

4. Reading newspaper, favourite magazine, your choice of books,

5. Taking an afternoon nap or simply sitting and watching out of your window or balcony to the sky, trees, birds, clouds, traffic, vehicles or whatever of your choice

6. Gardening or crafting or decorating home or even re-designing your hall or study room

7. Spending time with your loved ones, even if they are miles away, make use of the technology of video calling and connecting. You can also choose to re-connect with your old good friends, neighbours, cousins, aunts or uncles who had made a difference in your life (Reflect your childhood)

8. Drawing, Painting, Colouring, just not on a canvas, it could even be on your house walls to look fancy and give a different feel

9. Cooking something special for your own self or even for friends or neighbors. Sharing is Caring

10. DO Nothing at all and Lazying 😇

You might be doing many things already from the above list as a routine. The point is, take those moments to get rid of your stressful thoughts and replace them with the thoughts that gives you immense satisfaction and completeness.. Enjoy those moments that you like to do..This way you will activate the happy hormones within yourself and that is the secret to regain all the energy that you need for face new challenges!!

Let me know how do you recharge yourself!!

Remember you are the energy that decides your day and other's response to you.. So be energized..

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